Ireland Abroad Education Consultants Hyderabad Ameerpet


Ireland is one of the world’s most developed and well managed economies which is a home to some of the best institutions in the world. It has consistently stayed in the list of some of the most preferred international student destinations. JMJ is one of the Best Ireland Consultancy in Hyderabad that specialize in sending students to Ireland owing to its affiliation with most of the universities and colleges in Ireland. Irish universities are highly recognized and are known for their excellence in various disciplines. Scholarship opportunities and post study work opportunities make it one of the premier student options.
It is amongst one of Europe’s most entrepreneurial countries
One of the safest countries investing phenomenal amount of money on education
Experience a friendly culture with best hospitality
One of the best education system’s in Europe offering quality education
Irish institutions are highly recognized for excellence in many fields of study and research


Ireland has best education system in the world with a history rich tradition of learning.
Universities are highly recognized with excellence in multiple disciplines.
Ireland offers one year masters degree program.
No work experience is required for pursuing MBA.
English as the base language invites global students for easy communication and stay for studies.
Ireland has become a unique investment ground for world economy with its stable, profitable, and      English-speaking base.
Scholarship options are available for international students and work permit and green card can be obtained      after pursuing the studies.
Ireland is a home of topmost companies from diverse sectors including engineering, IT, pharmaceuticals,      medical technologies, financials, international services etc.
Ireland wins international investments due to its highly skilled and well qualified workforce which believes      in innovating and initiating new ideas.
Ireland Universities have the highest graduation rate in Europe and Irish graduates are mostly employed      in Europe.


Good score in GMAT, TOEFL, or IELTS.
Academic reference letter from professors or work experience letter from the employer.
Statement of purpose.
Affidavit of financial support from sponsor or parents.
Affidavit of financial support from sponsor or parents.
Transcriptions of academic records from college or university.
Certificates of extra curricular activities.