Study in Ireland

Ireland is known as the homeland of saints and scholars. When it comes to education for International students, Ireland is a developing country, emerging at a great pace.
With students seeking new barriers for higher education, Ireland has originated as a very favorable country with its two strengths in medium of instruction and low costs. Another factor that grabs attention is the easy to obtain
Right from the Certificate level to the doctoral level, Irish universities offer programs, in almost all fields of study. Technology and Engineering are two fields that are very famous among international students. Another interesting fact is that Ireland is credited as the biggest exporter of IT software, globally.

Lets us know more about Ireland Universities and Education System
Trinity College in Dublin founded in 1592 is the oldest and most reputable university. National University of Ireland, Cork University, University of Dublin, and University College of Limerick are equally prestigious universities.
There is an imminent affiliation between universities and industries in Ireland, providing internships and employment for students after the completion of education.
The Irish Education System was generally divided into three base levels, Primary 8 years, Secondary 5 or 6 years and higher Education that offer various opportunities from post-secondary courses to full degree and the highest post-graduate levels.
Bachelor’s degree is of three to four years duration. A consecutive Graduate diploma is of one year term. Additionally, a master’s level degree is from one to two years period.
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List of Universities in Ireland

  1. All Hallows College
  2. Athlone Regional Technical College
  3. Dublin City University
  4. Dublin Institute of Technology
  5. Dundalk Regional Technical College
  6. St. Patrick’s College Maynooth
  7. University College Dublin
  8. University College Galway
  9. University College, Cork
  10. The University of Dublin
  11. University of Limerick
  12. All Hallows College
  13. Athlone Regional Technical College
  14. Coolmine Community School
  15. Dublin City University
  16. Dublin Institute of Technology
  17. Regional Technical College Cork

  1. Regional Technical College Galway
  2. Regional Technical College Letterkenny
  3. Regional Technical College Limerick
  4. Regional Technical College Sligo
  5. Regional Technical College Tallaght
  6. Regional Technical College, Carlow
  7. Regional Technical College, Dundalk
  8. Royal College of Surgeons
  9. St.Patrick’s College Maynooth
  10. Tralee Regional Technical College
  11. Trinity College Dublin
  12. University College, Cork
  13. University College, Dublin
  14. University College, Galway
  15. University of Limerick
  16. Waterford Regional Technical College